A holiday is having nothing to do..and all day to do it.

A holiday is having nothing to do..and all day to do it.

Week 10….

I woke at the start of week 10 to the sound of some sheep baaaaaa-ing (is that even a word?) I was on holiday in Wales – which you may have guessed?! We had hired a gorgeous farmhouse near to Church Bay on the Isle of Anglesey for 1 week.


The weather was a bit hit and miss and Monday especially was a complete wash out! On Tuesday the sun decided to grace us with its presence and we spent some time down at the beach. Harry loved paddling along the shore line and didn’t want to leave.


Before heading away I had already decided whilst doing my usual Sunday planning that I was going to attempt some running. It was discussed that day between the people who liked to run that we would go out later that afternoon for a nice scenic route! My OH likes to plan a route – he bikes (when he can) so is always plotting on maps different routes here and there. He suggested we run to the beach and then up and along the coastal path and then back on the roads to the farmhouse. I started off fine and was actually really enjoying it and also really pleased with my fitness. There was a lot of inclines and lots of steps. I kept thinking how this is good prep for the Shropshire Mud Run I’ve signed up for in September. The views were amazing and really made the push to get to the top worth it.


After we had been running for about 40 minutes and it had started raining I was beginning to feel a little bit less motivated. I hated not knowing how far it was till we got back to the house. Literally running through a field with sheep around just trying to find a road! That’s when all the thoughts started to come into my mind…I could just phone back to the house and get one of the girls to pick me up…..but where was I?…I’ve got no signal…:( I made my feelings clear to the rest of the group and said they should plough on without me as at that point I had actually started to walk (in a bit of a huff!). After a couple of minutes I had a little word with myself, I was starting to get cold so i decided to push on and just get home. Finally got home covered in sheep poo and soaked but feeling amazing and really buzzing!! I jumped in a lovely hot bath and then settled down to a relaxed evening.

nYJDbz3KPStwpe_aENWRis75F17pBds-yBTFoIvxtgcTo be clear –  for the whole of this holiday I have been ‘off’ the diet. But rather than stuff my face all day long with rubbish I’ve made a conscious effort to just eat during meal times and not snack all day. In the evenings I also drank wine which is something that I rarely do at home. The whole holiday I felt ‘in control’ of my eating even if it wasn’t the healthiest option available. It was nice to have a break and also knowing in the back of my mind that everything would return to normal once i was home.

On the Thursday evening me and my sister and friend Lucy headed to the local seafood restaurant called ‘The Lobster Pot’ for a girlie night out! It was really nice food and I decided to try Lobster for the first time, it was really tasty. The mussels I had for my starter were so yummy and the best I’ve ever tasted! (mmmmmmm *mouth-watering).


On friday evening, which was also our last night on holiday I dragged my OH out for a quick run to the beach and back. The hills are a bit ridiculous but it was all good fun – and getting back to the house and jumping in the hot tub was brilliant! (it was my hill focus!!)


All in all a great week away with my lovely family and friends, im feeling really stress free and happy. I’m planning on jumping straight back into the 5:2 diet in Week 11 and also heading to Bootcamp and seeing Tom for a PT session and I can’t wait!