And so it begins...Shrewsbury's Personal Training, Bootcamp & Running 12 week programme!

And so it begins…Shrewsbury’s Personal Training, Bootcamp & Running 12 week programme!

Today is the first day. The Start. The Beginning……

Harry will be two in July; I am no longer able to use the excuse that ‘I’ve just had a baby’ whilst patting my tummy!

I returned to work when Harry was 7 months old, that’s when I decided that I wanted to lose my baby weight and get back to the person I was before!

Now looking back I realise my mistake…that person is well and truly long gone…on a beach somewhere…having a lie in each morning no doubt?…!

My ‘Thinsperation’ photo is of me in my Bikini from our trip to Thailand the summer before, hung on the fridge for months (I’m sure the window cleaner enjoyed it!)…I even set it as my background on my phone! Don’t do this…learn from my mistakes…it makes you feel rubbish – my tummy was NEVER going to look like that again – even if I lost 5 stone and did a million sit ups – it was still covered in horrid stretch marks (my battle wounds!?)

So from January 2012 to now – March 2013 – I have lost…..wait for it…..1lbs!! 1 measly pound….!

I do have to admit that I didn’t really try that hard to lose weight – I would say on my good weeks I gave about 60%! Which is a bit rubbish! Trying to do exercise without really knowing what I was doing was a bit of a flop – I used to run before and attempted it a few times but just really hated every second.

There has to be some sort of physical activity out there that will suit me (ok stop thinking rude things please!) I had seen on Facebook that a friend had been attending some Bootcamp sessions at Salop Leisure in Shrewsbury? She had posted the link to a page called Ultimate Fitness Experience – I messaged them straight away and asked what was involved, how much etc. I received a quick reply from Tom who gave me all the information I was after. So that was it – 6:15
Tuesday here I come – and the best thing is my first session was free!

First Bootcamp Session:
I arrived at Salop Leisure and parked up – I was already dreading it as it was torrential rain and high winds outside (I secretly hoped that someone would knock on my window and inform me that it was far too windy and wet and therefore it was cancelled!….nope!) I gingerly climbed out of the car and was greeted by a smiling welcoming face! Elaine was the instructor for the session – once everyone had arrived she soon had us jogging to warm up. We headed towards the Bootcamp area which had laid out some cones and big tractor tyres, sandbags and a big massive rope – slightly daunting!! I soon got into the flow and if I found a move or exercise too hard Elaine advised how to modify it slightly to make it easier – but still get the benefits. Before I knew it we were stood in a circle doing some cool down exercises – it had finished and I loved every minute!
Covered in mud and feeling very proud of myself for pushing and trying something new I drove home ready for my tea.

After attending a few more Bootcamp sessions I started chatting to another instructor Tom who mentioned that as part of the company Ultimate Fitness Experience they also did personal one on one training which included nutritional advice and also regular weigh ins and measurements. This is what I needed I thought – but can I really do it around my busy life?

I spoke to Tom about my concerns and he re-assured me that my 12 week plan would be tailored around me and my busy life. We arranged the first session at my house as it was easier for me.

21st March 2013:
I planned on putting Harry down for a nap about 2:00pm before Tom was due to arrive. Obviously this didn’t go to plan, as soon as he’s had his lunch he was so tired I had no choice but to give in and put him in his bed.

I was a bit unsure what to expect – is he going to look through my cupboards I thought? *hides the Easter eggs!

I didn’t need to worry – when he arrived we sat down and talked openly about my everyday life – we talked about the fact that I work shifts and also what my eating habits are. We also talked about my goals and he made me realize that being a ‘certain weight’ isn’t the most important thing – that feeling good and your clothes fitting you better is a much stronger goal to try and achieve.

I jumped on the scales (it was more of a deep breath and go type jump than an enthusiastic jump). He then took my measurements and wrote them all down, and then….Harry woke up…

With Cbeebies on in the background and Harry happy on the sofa with a bowl of crisps and a drink Tom started my first fitness session!

Half way through Harry decided to join in and was jumping around copying me and Tom – clapping and saying “go mummy go”! He had a whale of a time. I however was sweating buckets and thinking ‘what the hell have I got myself into!!’ Without using any equipment in my cozy living room at home I managed to complete a good full body workout – thanks to Tom’s encouragement and patience.

He left me with some homework and also the task of completing my food diary for the next week. All booked in for week two and I can’t wait!!

Bring it on!