Being Healthy and Fit is so much more important than being ‘Skinny’

Being Healthy and Fit is so much more important than being ‘Skinny’

Personal Training & Bootcamp in Shrewsbury 12 week programme – Week 6…half way!

I can’t believe I’m half way through my 12 week programme! It’s gone so quick!

The week started with my 2nd day shift – I was also fully consumed by my cold! I felt ok though but just couldn’t shake the runny nose, blocked sinuses and swollen glands. I had planned a run that night but as I was finding it hard to breathe through my nose I questioned whether it would be a good idea or not. I texted Tom to ask his advice. He replied that he thought it would be best to rest and let my immune system do its job properly – he also said “good nutrition – don’t feel sorry for yourself and comfort eat” he already knows me so well!

Tuesday I decided to walk into town with Harry – we had a great morning playing in the quarry and also visiting the Castle grounds. I made an effort to power walk everywhere with the pram and felt my calf’s burning whilst walking up Coton Hill. As I was on nights we headed home for lunch and then for a lazy afternoon. My night shift was tough as I wasn’t feeling 100% but I got through it and had a really good sleep all day Wednesday.


After my morning sleep on Thursday and with Harry back from my mum’s I decided to head down the park so he could have a good run around and also some swing time. It was a gorgeous sunny day – I even got the paddling pool out! That afternoon I picked up my new wheels!! My new running pram – which was a bargain of just £15 from a friend of a friend! It’s fantastic – really sturdy and Harry loves sitting in it! I’m yet to test it out though but there really are no more excuses!! On Thursday night I would normally go to Bootcamp but my OH had a cricket fixture with his school kids which meant he would be back pretty late. I made do with a home work out instead – this was the 4th or 5th time I’ve done this workout and to be honest I was really de-motivated to start and also really bored whilst doing it! That’s why I love Bootcamp so much – I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been – but each and every session is completely different – you don’t have time to get bored as you’re moving from one exercise to another.


On Friday I had my Personal Training session with Tom. As Harry was having his Nap we stayed at my house. This week we did a lot of muscle specific exercise’s using the Bosu ball again – I could really feel them working and knew that I would be aching the next day! There’s nothing nicer than putting Harry to bed, having my tea and relaxing for the evening knowing that I’ve done my workout for the day already.

On Saturday morning I jumped out of bed – excited to be heading out for my first Shrewsbury Bootcamp fix of the week! Slightly drizzly and cloudy it was perfect conditions for getting really stuck in. There was a great turnout again of all different abilities – but everyone gave it 100%. On a Saturday morning the Caveman session also runs alongside the Bootcamp session. As we are lunging and squatting I sometimes look over to see what they’re doing and it always looks pretty hardcore! Tom who was taking the Caveman session suggested a tug ‘o’ war competition at the end – Bootcamp Vs Caveman!! I did think that we were going to get completely annihilated! I really shouldn’t have underestimated the power that most of us mums and women have (and a couple of men!) They had no chance – we were literally pulling them forward in the mud – not once but twice! Watch the video – here: BOOTCAMP Vs CAVEMAN. That night with my sister babysitting, me and my OH went out for a ‘date’ night! We wen’t to Nandos for dinner, when we arrived they said that their chip fryer had broken so they had no chips…not a problem i said! I chose a chicken, mushroom and halloumi cheese burger with sweetcorn and it was delicous. We then wen’t and watched a film at the cinema which was lovely. Its so nice to have a night out! Thanks Aunty Clare

What a glorious bank holiday weekend we have had! I don’t think anyone could have asked for better weather! Sunday consisted of a morning down the allotment then a few drinks and food at our house with some friends. We decided against a BBQ and laid out some olives, bread and cheese etc instead which was lovely and meant I could stick to eating fairly healthy that day. That night Harry had a bit of a melt down and decided that he didn’t want to go to bed at his normal bedtime – by 9pm he was still awake and not very happy! It meant the whole evening had been ruined and my intention of doing some exercise went out the window!


6 weeks in and I’m feeling really good – I’ve dug out some of my summer clothes that haven’t fitted me properly since before I had Harry – and some of them now fit me better – I’m planning on them all fitting me by the Summer which means a whole new wardrobe! One thing I have noticed is muscle definition lines down either side of stomach – I’ve never had this before –it shows my progress which is great – I may even dare to wear a bikini on holiday this summer!?


I did think that at the start of this process that it was going to be really difficult to fit the exercise into my busy life but it has been pretty easy – instead of seeing exercise as a chore I now see it as a break and a release from my everyday tasks and jobs to do! The feeling afterwards is really addictive. I just wish I had more hours in the day sometimes to try and do more.

My diet over the last two weeks has been good – I haven’t been counting my calories using the My Fitness Pal app but I think that I’m at the stage where I need to start doing that again so that I feel more in control of what I’m eating.


Bring on the next 6 weeks!!