Good things come to those who…..Work Hard and Never Give Up!

Good things come to those who…..Work Hard and Never Give Up!

Week 9….

After some debating for a while I decided that this week I was going to try to do the 5:2 diet that I had been hearing about so much. I purchased the book and did my homework – if you are also considering doing this diet please make sure you also do your homework and if your unsure about any of the aspects speak to your GP. The diet basics are that you eat normally for 5 days and then you fast for 2 days per week. On the normal days I planned on eating what I normally would which is pretty healthy, sticking to about 1500 calories each day. On the fast days however I limited my calories to just 500 for the day.


I pre-planned my two fast days when I did my usual Sunday planning session for the week ahead. I figured that Monday would be a good day…because its monday and its easy to be ‘good’ on a Monday right!? I then chose Wednesday as it was my first day shift back at work. I also pre-planned my exercise like I always do.

Monday morning I woke and had a cup of tea (12 calories). I then decided that it would be best to try to keep busy so me and Harry headed over to my mum’s house and to the park. By lunchtime I was pretty hungry,  with Harry having his afternoon nap I  sat and enjoyed a mug of Cockaleekie Soup (90 cals) and 4 x Salt & Vinegar Rice Cakes with a small amount of extra light Philadelphia on top (145 cals).  The afternoon went by pretty quickly as I pottered around the house cleaning up and playing with Harry. When my OH got home from work I made a spontaneous decision to go for a run? I hadn’t planned it into my weekly excercise,  I thought that as I wasn’t eating very much I would be  light-headed and tired.  But I didn’t feel like that – I felt like I needed to go and do something!   I made a decision to run the ‘loop’ but to try to beat my last time of 17 minutes and 50 seconds. I started off pretty slow and found the first 5 minutes really grueling – but as I found my pace I really started to enjoy it. Once the finish line was in sight I really pushed on determined to beat last weeks time. I managed it bang on 17 minutes! I was really chuffed and amazed that I’d managed to do that with such little calories eaten that day. I headed home for my tea which was the same as lunch.

Total Calories consumed = 494. Total Calories Burned = 203 cals.


Tuesday day was spent keeping Harry busy and the usual mummy day-to-day tasks. On Tuesday night however I headed to Bootcamp! I hadn’t been for 2 weeks due to shift work, so I was really looking forward to it! The evening was warm, sunny and perfect.  The instructor was Matt who was fairly new to the Ultimate Fitness Team line up. At the beginning he asked us what exercises we all didn’t like, I mentioned my hatred for burpees and he pulled an apologetic face which meant they were in the session at some point! 🙁  We started warming up I could tell that it wasn’t going to be an ‘easy’ session (not that they ever are!?). We moved onto some strength training with short bursts of cardio,  he made sure that everyone was doing the moves correctly, if anyone felt that they needed to modify them to suit their abilities he also showed them how to make it easier, which was good. Afterwards I  felt great and really glad I made the effort to go.

Aching from Bootcamp the night before I headed to work for a day shift on Wednesday and also my 2nd fast day of the week. For some reason it’s so much easier to be ‘good’ at work. I think it’s because your limited to options and also your busy so your mind isn’t always thinking of food. Also im not faced with Harry’s left over food all day long…looking at me and telling me to eat it!!  The biggest challenge of a fast day at work is the amount of cups of tea im allowing myself to drink. I’m normally on mug 4 by 9:30am, so i decided to have one first thing and then I just drank herbal tea and water for the rest of the day. I stuck to the same lunch as monday and really enjoyed it. My work trousers were feeling looser and I even popped a new hole in my belt!! How exciting!! (it’s the little things!). I had a night off from any exercise that night and headed to bed early which was lovely.

The temptation to eat badly on the days that you’re not fasting is pretty hard. I tried to stick to my lunches and dinners that I  had planned on the Sunday but I can see that if you hadn’t pre-planned what you were eating how this diet could make you feel like stuffing your face on your ‘days off’.  Thursday at work I had some yummy poached eggs on toast for lunch. That night I had arranged to meet my friend Louise for a run. We decided that we would attempt a longer distance than the usual loop and head to the Quarry park to run along the river. The weather that evening was terrible, it had dropped to 4 degrees and was sleet raining….but I loved it! It was so peaceful along the river I actually took my headphones out and ran without them for the whole run. We chatted away and it felt really comfortable – I really enjoyed it. We clocked nearly 4 miles which was a big achievement and the furthest i’ve ran for a long time. completely soaked through I headed home for my dinner and a nice hot bath!

Friday day was a day of packing and sorting bits out for our family holiday – it was the only opportunity I was going to get to have a focused packing mission as I was working that night and Saturday and we were leaving early Sunday morning. My intentions to do some sort of exercise on Friday didn’t happen which I was a bit disappointed at but pleased that I had gotten some packing done.

Saturday was spent sleeping and doing a little more packing –  mainly the the things that kept popping to my head as I tried to sleep – so annoying! That night at work we decided to have a takeaway and I thought, yes why not! – I wasn’t planning on going crazy and eating loads.  I decided to have a chicken kebab and salad wrap and half a portion of chips, it felt like such a treat.

Sunday morning we headed to Anglesey for a week away in a little Welsh cottage with family and friends. Whilst packing I made sure my running gear and trainers were top of the list as I was definatley planning  on getting some running in whilst away and I was really looking forward to the change of scenery.

You may have noticed that I’ve not mentioned Tom this week! Unfortunatley he wasn’t able to fit me in for my usual PT session as he was attending a course. He sent me a text at the beginning of the week suggesting that I attempt a quick loop run and also a longer run and also to try to fit in a Bootcamp session – which I managed!

I’m feeling really good at the end of this week. My clothes are fitting me better and my stomach is the flattest it’s been since i’ve had Harry! I’m really Looking forward to my holiday and feeling good. I’m going to struggle to do the 5:2 diet while im away as I know we will be out and about most days  and also have plans for the evenings with different people cooking meals. I will however carry it on the following week.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine for my holiday!! Although it does look like rain :(who cares…there’s a hot tub!!