I may not be there yet…but i’m closer than I was yesterday! thanks to personal training and bootcamps in Shrewsbury.

I may not be there yet…but i’m closer than I was yesterday! thanks to personal training and bootcamps in Shrewsbury.

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The End of Week Three…..

My third week started off with my PT session with Tom on Monday morning at my house in shrewsbury. With my OH being off work (he’s a teacher) it meant a child free training session. Armed with some boxing gloves and pads and a Bosu Ball under his arm Tom explained that we would just keep this weeks session at home – which was good as for some reason my head had just associated exercise with outdoors and then home as the place to sit do nothing! I needed to re-think this as there is really no excuse if I have the time and if i can’t get out to fit in a homework workout in my living room.

Before we got started with the exercise it was time for my first weigh in and measurements! I was a little anxious as I stepped on the scales – and not really too sure what to expect. Tom explained that my weight had stayed the same but there was a small reduction in the body fat reading. The main progress though was the cms I lost which was 2 cms from my horrid mummy tummy and also 2 cms from my hips and bum. I could already feel this through my clothes – especially my tummy. So although I was a little disappointed I had lost no weight at all -Tom reassured me that this is exactly what he hoped would happen – regardless of what the scales are saying I am loosing body fat and most importantly I FEEL great! Here is a good example picture showing how muscle takes up less room than fat. So as you start losing fat and adding muscle you might not see a weight loss in pounds but you will see a loss in inches.


With the weigh in out of the way Tom put me through my paces with a combination of exercise sets using the Bosu Ball and also some boxing. It was tough but really good! I was so full of energy after he had gone that I suggested that we all go out on a family bike ride – which was lovely.

bike ride

Before I had Harry I used to run with my Friend Louise who lives round the corner. We got pretty good too and often did 10K runs in 60mins. At that time in my life I felt at my fittest – and my smallest. So Tuesday night we both laced up our trainers and headed out to blow off some cobwebs and run the old ‘loop’ around the estate. It’s about 1.7 miles – all road with some bits of incline. At the start I felt ok, my breathing needed sorting and also my speed as I tend to push too much at the beginning which results in stopping halfway. Maintaining a slower speed and also concentrating on my breathing I really started to enjoy it – the home straight was ahead of us and I even had enough beans to sprint to the finish. Great Run! I was so chuffed that i felt good about running again – I’ve attempted a few runs since having Harry and honestly hated every second of them and afterwards swore I would never run again! My goal now is to try to keep up with the running and also to run the 10k distance again within the 60min time.

Wednesday we had a great family day out at Acton Scott Working Farm – so many little cute baby animals!! Harry had a great time and when the massive Shire Horse trotted over he was in awe, but a little frightened. My OH asked him if he wanted to touch his nose…he nodded and went to touch the man’s nose who was leading the horse!! I packed us all a healthy packed lunch so there was no temptation to buy anything un-healthy from the cafe – which was a good shout as the scones with cream and jam looked amazing!

farm photo

Wednesday night I worked a night shift on overtime – sticking to my planned meals for the night I felt fine and not peckish through the night at all. The next day I slept for the morning and when I woke up avoided the temptation to have just a hot cross bun and made myself some soup.

Thursday night was Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Shrewsbury  – as I hadn’t been yet this week I was really looking forward to it! The nights are lighter which is ace, although the wind is still a tough battle. Tom was doing the session and lots of people turned up which was brilliant. The session was really fast paced and involved at one point getting down on the ground and rolling in the mud – with Tom shouting “up”, “down” and “Down and Roll” whilst we lunged within an inch of our lives! Afterwards my face colour matched my pink top exactly!bootcamp3

I’m really loving the feeling I get after a workout. I’m just on a complete high and feel like I can achieve anything – im  also sleeping  really well –  unfortunately I really struggle to wake up the next morning (ive always had this issue!!). Friday and Saturday I worked day shifts and enjoyed two nights off from any exercise – which included a lovely Saturday night pamper and TV night with my sister – we even treated ourselves to a takeaway –  I had Chicken Kebab (meat & salad) which worked out to be only 280 calories!

Sunday (this morning) I set my alarm for 7:00 am as I had arranged to go for another run with Louise. Im not gonna lie I was really tempted to text her and bail out and just go back to sleep – Harry wasn’t even awake!! But I forced myself out of bed and got ready! Im so glad I did – we had a great run – the same route that we ran on Tuesday night but we managed to shave off a whole 2 minutes! Best thing about getting your excercise done in the morning is that you have the whole day to feel good about yourself! Ive got so much more energy- which is good as im about to start a night shift!


This week ive been posting a snapshot of My Fitness Pal app for each day (see food diary tab above). This shows how many calories i’ve been eating and also how many calories i’ve been burning. I’ve been making a real conscious effort not to do my usual habit of eating Harry’s food leftovers – this is something that happens without me actually realising that im doing it…? I’ve started to make him the right size portions instead of my normal thinking  ‘another fish finger in the oven won’t hurt… i’ll just eat it if he doesnt!’ Any mothers out there know how hard this is to not do – ‘i’ll just taste this to make sure its ok’.*three mounthfuls later…STOP!! Its been blimmin hard i can tell you!

This week is also the first week that ive managed to fit 4 workouts in- and it hasn’t been as hard as i thought it would be.

The way that I used to ‘start’ any new regime (and I started lots and lots) was to either completely go one way or the other – for example if it was a faddy diet I would really stick to the diet but do no exercise what so ever – in fact I was normally so tired from the miniscule amounts of food i was eating –  that I used to go to bed early most nights. I had no energy to play with Harry and would always feel so much pressure during a night shift not to ‘cheat’ or just give up completely because I was so hungry! The other way would be to start a full on fitness regime…I decided that I was going to do the ’30 Day Shred’ for 30 days….I got to-day 6 I think and it was sooooo bloody boring doing the same workout every day (and Jillian Michaels voice is just annoying!) – but the worst thing was I somehow convinced myself that because I had burned some calories doing the excercise it meant I could then eat more!? Looking back now its kind of obvious where i was going wrong but at the time I just felt like it was the only way!

In just three weeks this programme has taught me that moderation and balance is the key. If you want to achieve a healthy body and to lose weight you need to be exercising and eating sensibly – but not a faddy diet just sensible and having treats if you want them. It’s not really rocket science – the problem is it’s not always the easiest and fastest option and I can imagine people feeling disheartened with the results on the scales and giving up really early on. I hope that by the end of this 12 weeks I can motivate someone (just one person!) to keep going and to reach their goal. I honestly believe if I can do this anyone can!