If It’s important to you…you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse!

If It’s important to you…you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse!

Week 8….

If you read last weeks post you would of seen that I had spent an hour on the Sunday chopping and dicing lots of fresh foods for my week 8 dinners. I found the idea on Pinterest and followed the instructions how to prepare all the fresh ingredients on the Sunday so that it would be easy to prepare all the meals from scratch each night. For more information check out the link in my Pinterest Tab above.


I woke up on Monday morning and as I had Harry all day I planned on testing out the running buggy once and for all! I got us both ready and plonked him in the buggy – I started to push it out of the garage only to find that it had a flat tyre…the one side was completely flat like a pancake! Feeling defeated I took Harry out and put him in his regular pram and headed to the swings instead.


That night for dinner I followed the recipe for Cheesy Baked Prawns with Roasted Tomato Quinoa. I had never tasted Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) before but it was really nice – a mix between cous-cous and rice but so much lighter and it doesnt leave you bloated like rice.


On Tuesday I worked a day shift –  I planned on biking to work and then running home and then running to work the next day and biking home. It worked really well apart from after my day shift I really didn’t feel the run at all – felt like it was a real struggle? That night I followed the recipe for low-fat ‘drunk’ sausages (marinated in ginger beer!)  with bean stew and sweet potato fries. I went to bed and set my alarm for 6:30am planning on getting up and running to work.

I woke on Wednesday morning to the sound of the wind and rain hammering on the window and my heart sank. My OH was fast asleep and Harry was snoring away in his bed. If I just closed my eyes I could just go back to slee……..NO WAKE UP!! I made myself get out of bed and get dressed into my running gear. Still rubbing my eyes and trying my hardest not to think about what I was about to do I put on my trainers. If I did sit there and think about it I knew that my brain would start coming up with excuses and reasons not to actually go. Taking a deep breath I stepped out into the rain closing the door softly behind me. As the rain hit my face I actually laughed out loud – talk about a wake up call! Within minutes of running I was soaked – but I was really enjoying it! It felt so much easier than the night before, even with me running with my head down so I could breath against the wind. I hadn’t run to work before so was unsure how long it would take me – it wasn’t far though and I did it in 16 minutes – now that I know I will add some distance on next time. I got to work and had a quick shower and got dressed into my uniform which I had left in my locker the day before. I felt blimmin brilliant – I do love that serotonin buzz feeling I get after a workout and a run – it’s a bit addictive. That night I cooked us a really yummy dinner – we had Baked Halibut with Sweet Potato and Quinoa.


On Thursday I woke up and just wanted to get out of the house and do something! With Harry waking at 6:45am we were dressed and ready to go at about 9:00am. Bag packed and loaded up on the pushchair we went for a lovely walk down to the river to see the horses and also to have a play on the park. On the walk back home I decided to walk past the Fire Station so Harry could look at the Fire Engines. I popped into say hello to the watch that was on duty (I work at the fire station) and Harry had a quick sit in the driver’s seat on the fire engine which he loved!


That afternoon Tom arrived for my weekly PT session. With Harry in a good mood after his afternoon nap we headed down to the park by my house. Using Harry in the workout we started some jogging (whilst carrying Harry!!) which was tough – he’s blimmin heavy! I then did some squat lifts with him while he giggled. With Harry strapped in the pushchair and busy drawing all over Tom’s notepad, I did some boxing with Tom and also some peekaboo lunges which made Harry laugh. The session was so much fun and really opened my eyes to the fact that you really have no excuse not to work out when you have kids around. Using Harry as a weight is also great as im getting stronger he is getting heavier!


That night I was on a night shift and had pre-made my dinner to take with me which was Pecan Encrusted Chicken Breast with Roasted Broccoli.


I slept all day friday – I literally woke up at 3pm! I had some late lunch and then headed to work again for my last night shift of the week. With my bike also having a puncture (I think the puncture fairy has been out and about?!) I had to walk to work and also home the next morning. Me and Tom had discussed during my PT session that it looked like I had Diastasis Recti after having Harry. In short terms it’s basically a separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs in some pregnancies that then don’t go back like they did before. Tom advised that we would start over the next few weeks doing more in-depth core exercises to try to strengthen the abdominals but to also on a daily basis try to stand/sit tall and pull my tummy in as much as I can throughout the day. Not pulling it in so you can’t breathe just like if you’re having a photo taken and you would naturally suck it in. On Saturday morning I walked home from work standing tall with my tummy pulled in the whole way.

On Sunday morning (my only day for a lie in!) I planned an early morning run with my friend and running partner Louise. We did the usual loop but managed to chat and gossip the whole way round…its been a while since we’ve been able to do that – we also made the loop into a 2 mile run which meant running past the marker post that we normally run to which was hard but we did it!  That day my family and I attended a christening and had a lovely time in the sunshine.

Before my PT session on Thursday Tom took my measurements and also I weighed in again. So week 8s results are:

Weight: – Down 3 kg – 7 pounds

Measurements: – 16 cm’s lost overall

Body Fat:-  Down 6%

So there’s definitely some movement on the results and there all going down which is a great. I’m still a little disappointed with the weight loss but im staying positive and im going to keep working hard. I’m enjoying exercise and eating all the yummy healthy food – I don’t actually feel like im restricting myself in any way and if that then results in my weight and body fat going down then that’s a bonus!  To be honest out of all the results that have come out of just 8 weeks of starting this programme my best achievement is my fitness levels improving so much, I love that I no longer feel so sluggish and lethargic all the time and that I actually WANT to do exercise and get that addictive buzz afterwards.