Is Bootcamp for you? (yes!)

Is Bootcamp for you? (yes!)

We’re obviously going to say that our Boot Camps in Shrewsbury are going to get you fit and be a great way to enjoy fitness training in the great outdoors… but instead, here’s what you had to say…


Since making the decision to get fit, active and lose weight 18 months ago, I have undertaken a wide variety of exercises both indoors and outdoors. I started with Boot camps in March last year at Salop Leisure in Shrewsbury. I initially felt nervous and lacked a bit of self confidence thinking everyone would be super fit, I couldn’t have been more wrong with the perception.

I find the location great as it is unique and private. The environment is comfortable with a wide range of equipment available for the workouts. It works much better than being in an open and public environment where people can stand and watch

The revamp of the Bootcamps to include Insanity, Women only and Cavewomen have been brilliant, the workouts are a mixture of endurance and strength and every session is different but just as intense, it never feels easier but is always achievable.

The sessions always have a personal feel to them and that is a credit to the trainers, they will always help with individual technique and provide motivation on an individual and group basis. Even, when its raining and cold the instructors remained full of enthusiasm and motivation.

If your looking for a Bootcamp this is the place to go, you will have a great time getting fit in a friendly atmosphere. I like the fact there is a wide variety of fitness abilities and ages at the classes and everyone encourages and motivates each other. Each session is packed with fun and fitness and the sessions will keep you guessing and keep you working hard with likeminded people, who will soon become you friends!


Kathryn Stanworth


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