Katy's Personal Training & Bootcamp Blog - Shrewsbury - Week 3.

Katy’s Personal Training & Bootcamp Blog – Shrewsbury – Week 3.

Effort is like toothpaste…You can always squeeze out a little bit more!

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The end of week two……..

This week my OH was away…for a whole week..and i was off work! So normality packed its bag for a little week holiday too – my whole world felt like it was upside down. That might sound a bit dramatic but i’m a creature of habits and i bloody love a good old routine (you ask Harry!).

So Monday started off on the wrong foot – Harry woke up for a good few hours in the middle of the night and i only had 4 hours kip after my night shift on Sunday – it meant i was officially pooped all day! My food plans for that day kind of went out the window and i’m ashamed to say i actually had a bag of Crisps for my tea…and about 2 seconds later i went to bed!

I woke up feeling ravenous – and also in a much better state of mind than the day before. Harry was going to Nursery for the day as i had to attend a Family Funeral in the afternoon. But with my morning free i took the chance to attend Boot camp in the daytime which i had never done before. It started at 9:30 am so i had a banana once i arrived as i had my porridge at 7:00 am – and i’m trying to not leave such huge gaps between my meals (as Tom suggested last week!). It was a great session and i can honestly feel myself getting stronger – i also don’t ache hardly at all the next day which i think is a great sign!

I was booked in with Tom and my 3rd PT session on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning however i was very excited to receive my spangly new trainers!  They are just lush!! (cant say i have ever been excited about trainers before..!) Harry and my Cat Minnie were kept entertained by the box for a good 30 mins – bonus!

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Wearing my new trainers and with Harry at my mums i met Tom at Salop Leisure where the bootcamp sessions are run. OMG it was tough! the hardest hour of exercise i have EVER done! With a mix of burpees (i blimmin hate burpees!!!!) hill running and also lifting sandbags and slamming big ropes i was well and truly – workedout…my new trainers were good though!!

I decided to attend Boot camp again on Thursday morning as my mum kindly offered to have Harry again and a friend wanted to come along to see what i was harping on about! It was another tough session with cold strong winds blowing in your face ruining any chance you might have of catching your breath – It was great though to be finished by 10:30 and to feel completely ready for the rest of the day – like you could take on the world (even if it was upside down).


With this week being a bit out of sorts i have felt a bit rubbish! My eating this week has been OK – not bad -I just feel i have  made a few wrong choices here and there …which is definitely not good enough if i really want to achieve good results by the end of the 12 weeks.

Tomorrow – Monday the 8th of April and the start of Week 3 is my next PT session. In this session i am having my FIRST WEIGH IN AND MEASUREMENTS DONE….EeeeeeeeeeeK. I will post them on here in the Results tab (which i just added!) so watch this space!

My world is now the right side up- and my normality is back from its holiday (with a little tan!) I promise that week 3 will be a better eating week! I’m just about to plan my food diary in advance (see my top tips).

Oh also i forgot to mention… i received a few compliments when I was in Wales at the weekend! And one through Twitter from a lovely lady who lives in the Village – Diolch! This is really encouraging and really spurs me on to keep going!!

Twitter Compliment