One Rep + One Run + One Day at a time = A Better Me x

One Rep + One Run + One Day at a time = A Better Me x

Week 7….

This week started with a glorious sunny bank holiday Monday. Surrounded by family for the day we decided to fire up the gas BBQ for the first time this year. As it was a rather impromptu decision we didn’t plan on going to the supermarket for supplies but made do with food that we already had in the fridge and freezer. We made gorgeous chicken and vegetable kebabs, with savory rice and lots of salad – perfect and not a burger in sight!

I was back to work on Tuesday and I had a busy evening planned with an appointment. Also as I mentioned last week Harry’s sleep for some reason has been really disruptive. I came home at about 9 pm to find him awake and not very happy! This then meant a pretty rubbish nights sleep (for the 3rd night in a row!).

By Wednesday and facing my first night shift of the week that evening I was exhausted! It was a miserable rainy day so my plans of testing out my new running buggy went out of the window as I haven’t got a rain-cover for it. I did debate zipping Harry up in his waterproof all-in-one and just getting out but decided that i would probably look like a terrible mother to any passers by….and of course I didn’t want him to get wet and cold! I went to work that night frustrated and guilty that it was already Wednesday and I had done no exercise this week so-far!

If you’ve read my other posts you would know that between my night shifts each week I normally sleep, eat, sleep and then get ready for work again. This week however I decided to try to take a leaf out of my boss at work’s book and try to exercise in the afternoon. It just so happens that it was also the only available slot that Tom had in his busy diary for this weeks Personal Training session in Shrewsbury. I slept until 12:00 then had some lunch, I headed back to bed but set my alarm for 2 pm, there would be no snoozing of the alarm today as I knew Tom would be bang on time! I was really unsure how I was going to feel – also unsure of what Tom actually had planned for the hour. When he arrived and he realised that I didn’t have Harry he suggested we go for a run. It was raining pretty heavy and my heart sank!

With Tom not really knowing the area and good routes to run I made a suggestion that we do the ‘loop’ that I normally run with my friend Louise. Its about 20 mins and a good mix of flat and inclines. I always find the first few minutes of a run really hard going but Tom coached me the whole time – giving me advice on my breathing technique and also showing me how to run better on a the inclines and also going downhill. When we got to the bit of the run where i can actually see the post which means the finish line, Tom advised me that we were doing well for time and would carry on for the 22 minutes (that it normally takes me!) running past that post was really hard! After the run Tom said that we had got to the marker post in 18 minutes – which was great, and really shows me how far my fitness levels have improved. We headed back to my house to finish the PT session with some strength training. I headed to work that night feeling a lot more alert and awake than I normally do and I had loads of energy! I really think that exercise between nights is the way forward – i can’t believe after 6 years of working nights I’ve never tried it!?

My sister had text me on Friday day to see if I fancied doing some exercise that evening. I really wanted to go for another run – so once Harry was in bed I laced up my trainers and headed out the door, i ran the same loop as we had done the day before. I very rarely run on my own and I do find it really hard to try to keep my mind motivated to carry on and not just walk! But I got to the marker at the end of the run in 17 mins 50 seconds. That’s the fastest I think I’ve ever done it! I was really chuffed as I headed back to my house to meet my sister for part two of my evening workout! Tom had written down a session for me to do at home, it was great and as we moved from one thing to another I felt a bit like I was training my sister – had a little power trip at one point – and wouldn’t let her give up on the tricep dips!!


I had planned on attending Bootcamp on Saturday morning. I was also heading to a Hen Do on the train at 11:15 and after some consideration worked out that it would have been far too much rushing if I went to Bootcamp. The Hen Do was fantastic – and I felt really nice in my outfit and had a few comments from the girls about my pert bottom!! ha! I stuck to Barcardi and Diet Coke all night long and actually felt fine the next day – just a little tired from dancing ALL night!


When I got home Sunday afternoon I spent an hour chopping and dicing all the fresh yummy food preparation for Week 8′s dinners. I found the idea on Pinterest (check my link above) and will write more about it in next weeks blog. Sunday night I headed to our garage and did the homework session that I had done on Friday night with my sister – but instead of going out for a run I incorporated some skipping sets in to get my heart rate up.

I’ve written before how I’ve found it easy to fit the exercise into my busy life but as the weeks draw on and especially as lots of social events are starting to spring up – I am finding it harder. I feel really guilty when I don’t get to do the excercise that I had planned. I think it’s always harder when I can’t make the Bootcamp sessions. Because of my shifts some weeks I really struggle – I already know that next week I wont be able to go to any – so that’s 2 weeks of no bootcamp! Gutted!

I’m really focused on getting back into my running especially now I’ve entered theShropshire Mud Run at Hawkstone Park! It’s a 10k run through mud and caves and looks like really good fun – Fancy Joining me!?