Personal Training in Shrewsbury. It really works!

Personal Training in Shrewsbury. It really works!

A few words about Personal Training in Shrewsbury and Shropshire with Tom Meehan.

Many people approach me asking about personal training, saying they have been considering booking some sessions. Well that’s where the journey begins. Everyone who trains with me is different, their shape, size, fitness, goals and motivation. That’s why each individual requires a programme of exercise specific to themselves, hence Personal Training!

There are numerous benefits to having a personal trainer, be it at the gym in your home or in the great outdoors. Much more than just guidance through safe and suitable exercises, my role extends to that of a motivator, educator a coach and a friend! The time spent away from my clients is often where the hard work is done, preparing sessions and advice and my clients sticking to structured exercise routines and making healthy and balanced lifestyle choices.

A recent example of how Personal Training in Shrewsbury really works can be seen with a new client of mine. When we first met she was already exercising regularly, following a balanced approach to eating attending regular Weight Watchers sessions and making good progress with weight loss. After an assessment and committing to two Personal Training sessions per week she then followed a new structure to her weekly exercises whilst continuing classes and activities she enjoys. The change in exercise intensity and type, combined with small alterations to diet have led to an acceleration in her weight loss.

In the 6 weeks prior to embarking on a course of Personal Training sessions she had lost weight consistently. With the combination of Personal Training, continued exercise and activity and good healthy eating for 6 weeks, weight loss increased by an additional 6lbs on top of what was already being lost!

So it really does work! Personal Training in Shrewsbury is more affordable than you might think and the benefits are proven. Act now and make a change to your life, for life.