Poppa Pig's Blog - Winter training 2015

Poppa Pig’s Blog – Winter training 2015

Caveman sessions: 8 Mudruns:1

February was all about preparation for the first Shropshire Mud Run of the year at Hadley Farm in Whitchurch.

Caveman sessions were essential and with half term I was able to add Tuesday evening to my normal Thursday and Saturday sessions. The training has been challenging all week with Louis, SI and Tom trying to outdo each other it seems. Then there were the logs!

New logs have arrived, when you imagine logs these are more like half a tree it seems. “Not as heavy as they look” Tom insisted on night one, they are. We have taken them for walks, on shoulders or pressed to chests. We`ve squatted with them and generally cursed them! It is all part of the challenge and give the trainers their due they are always refining and changing training sessions. I`m sure it`s not just to inflict more pain on our bodies!

So Caveman training sessions in the bank, some road miles and long walks around Attingham I felt in good shape for Sunday`s Shropshire Mud Run. None of us banked on the Shropshire weather however which turned a tough 10k into a challenge of body and spirit!

The day dawned a cold, dove wing grey morning with the clouds crowding in for the start. It was great to see so many familiar faces from Caveman, parents from my school and many regular Mud Run eventers. Also good to welcome new members to our cave-pack to the Mud Run fold. I  Was particularly impressed with Lauren`s Boudicca like Mud Run face numbering! Warrior.

It was cold. We attempted to keep as many layers on prior to the start as possible! The warm up was crucial and Tom`s race information poem another stormer! And we were off, literally really as the first 2 kms encompassed the farm`s horse trial area, jumps included. Having cleared the Mud Run equivalent of the Burghley Horse Trials it was off across the ploughed fields and into the forest.

Mud.  Everywhere. The forest section included stream running, deep mud and swamp. As Dunc. My `experienced ` running partner pointed out the large number of squats in Caveman that week would help us power through the clinging mud- he was right to be fair! Tough going even Sally `Quiet one Page` was unable to speak as we all ploughed on towards the final obstacles.

Out of the forest and the wind laden with sleet cut through us all the way to the final ponds wade through, horse trials in reverse and onto the tape. Such a hard race this time, but exhilarating to have completed it and in a decent position and time. I think I`ve nearly thawed out!

Still back in Caveman training this week as the Cave Camp team get ready to take on The Suffering 10K obstacle race on 7th March. Just signed up for the next Shropshire Mud Run at Eaton Mascot hall- got to be warmer this time!!