Poppa Pigs Caveman blog - January 2015

Poppa Pigs Caveman blog – January 2015

January 2015

Days to mud run: 25 Alcoholic drinks:0 Topic bars:5

It doesn`t seem a splash in a muddy puddle ago since the Shropshire Mud run series came to an exhilarating end on a cold day at Bomere Lake last year. My memories were of a terrific event with a great friendly atmosphere and not too bad a time for me personally I was pleased to say.

The season opener is almost upon us with Hadley Farm in Whitchurch looming up in February. Following the Shropshire Mud run, Team Cave camp is taking an away day to The Suffering 10K obstacle race in Market Harborough. I also have a week’s outdoor pursuits residential with our Y6 children sandwiched in between!

Time then to get in shape for the forthcoming trials. Christmas having put a dent in the fitness regime, pressure on to step it back up a little. The White Run at the end of December certainly helped get me back into it as well as being filled with icy puddles, clinging mud and laughs. It`s not often you get to race with Where’s Wally, Santa Claus and who could forget Marilyn Monroe!

January I decide to take on the Dryathalon for the second year, seeing it as another challenge to conquer in the true Caveman mentality that the training has helped engender.

The Caveman training has been intense since reconvening in January. Numbers have risen this year delivering some tough, mean and long old circuits for us veterans. Our “new boy” trainer Louie having survived his mud bump initiation, has had revenge with some Core tightening circuits which my fellow` vintage` over 50 runner Duncan has benefited from (I think those were his words!)

Tom`s sessions remain a full body and mind test of character with aching muscles being a standard evening feeling as I return home for a hot shower. Those mini circuits within a large circuit building stamina and fitness which will pay off going around the lakes and ponds of Hadley Farm.

For me it’s that combination of the high intensity outdoor training focused on performing in the Shropshire Mud runs that make Ultimate Fitness Experience both unique and addictive. The demanding training for a purpose, leading to competing (mainly with yourself) in a long distance race, all outdoors in the beautiful Shropshire countryside makes me feel really alive.


Roll on February, “in mud we trust”.