Poppa Pigs Caveman Training blog

Poppa Pigs Caveman Training blog

Occupation: Primary School Head Teacher chances of becoming unfit: high! Age: 50 (in March)

Just over two years ago I thought I was reasonably fit enjoying walks and a bit of five aside football. Then at our daughter`s  wedding I gave a speech. When I watched the videos of the event later somehow Baloo the Bear from Jungle Book had donned my suit and given the speech for me! Time to change, but what to do?

My son in law Sam suggested Caveman training in Shrewsbury with Ultimate Fitness Experience. Caveman training, I was 47 for goodness sake, those days were behind me. The following Saturday I was lined up for the warm up and my first taste of Caveman at the  Salop Leisure site.

Within forty five minutes of starting I was addicted, sledgehammer slams, tyre flips and rope runs all in the Shropshire countryside, it was like being a child in the woods again. Well nearly, the savage pace set by Tom the trainer had left me exhausted and stiffening up rapidly. But happy I had managed the hour.

Two years on I am a regular at Caveman going twice a week and feeling the benefits. I have changed shape, feel fitter and more positive about everything in life. Because I train on Saturday mornings the Friday night red wine has disappeared. Saturday night remains, need a treat or two still! It has been a gradual change in life style, but due to this it has been a manageable and sustainable change.

To give the training real purpose the aim over the year is to challenge myself each time in the Shropshire Mud Run Series and other obstacle races further afield.

Two years ago the thought of a 10k mudrun would have scared me to death. Now I have completed  the Shropshire mudrun series, Kickass Endurance, The Wolf Run  and was a Tough Mudder finisher last September. From casual walker in the park to multi event mudrunner with a drawer full of race T-shirts, surprised myself!

The aim of the blog is to give readers a flavour of getting fit despite being a food and wine lover and how the Caveman, Boot camp and mud run experience has helped me become a more positive person in all aspects of my life.


Cheers Andrew