Remember this is not a race….it’s about sustainable change!

Remember this is not a race….it’s about sustainable change!

Week 5….Personal training & Bootcamps in Shrewsbury makes a difference.

Before my first night shift each week I have Harry for the whole day. For some reason at the moment he has decided to start waking up at 6:30am….this means one looooooooong day and a very tired mummy by the next morning when I finish my shift. The trick is to always keep busy – the day is so much easier with Harry if he is busy and occupied and having fun – the sun being out also helps so much!!

Between nights I’ve always just slept all day long – like I said in last weeks post – I make sure I eat at normal times throughout the day, but eating and sleeping is really all I do. My colleague however informed  me that morning on the way home that she was planning on going for a run in the afternoon!!? Well if she can do it so can I…..I woke at 12:00am and had some lunch then went back to bed and set my alarm for 15:00. The plan was to jump out of bed and pull on my running gear and trainers and head out for a 30 minute run – this would then leave me all energised and feeling great ready for my night shift!!….Damn you snooze button! Basically didn’t happen! I still felt good though for having the sleep – which I must have needed.


After hurting my leg last week any exercise I’ve done has been with caution. It feels so much better but still not 100%. After sleeping for the morning on Wednesday and having a very lively Harry back from my Mum I planned on keeping him busy with a trip to the park and a run around. He’s a little bit obsessed with the swings at the moment and calls them “weeeeeeees”. I think were going to have a few issues when we attempt potty training this summer if he hasn’t learnt the right word by then! Once Harry was bathed and in bed that night I headed to the garage to do a home workout (the one that Tom had given me last week). When i workout at home I always give it 100% – there’s no point in cheating and doing any of it half-hearted! Before I  started this programme I really struggled to find the motivation to keep going when I was on my own – working out with Tom (personal trainer – Shrewsbury) and also at Bootcamp (in Shrewsbury) with other people has changed my mindset – now if I get the opportunity to exercise I make sure I give it my all and make the most of it.

Thursday morning my Mum had offered to have Harry for an hour so that I could go to Bootcamp. I hadn’t been for over a week and I also hadn’t really tested my leg fully since hurting it – so this was the big test! It was a gorgeous sunny morning – Elaine had set up an obstacle course for the session – it looked a bit like Sports Day! It was tough going but really good – and my leg was fine which was great! That afternoon the weather went a bit crazy and it ended up hailing? So an afternoon at home was on the cards which was fine, Harry is at the age where he is starting to get very obsessed with different things – a great age to introduce him to  Fireman Sam! So that’s what we did all afternoon – played Fire Engines and watched Fireman Sam. Your probably wondering why im forcing this obsession onto my child….well I figure that if he is going to get really into a character at his age (as they all do!) it might as well be Fireman Sam as I work at the Fire Station and have full access to the Fire Engines etc, also his Uncle Lee is a Fireman!


Friday morning at 9:00am Tom turned up for my Personal session. The plan was to re-kindle last weeks failed Personal Training session and include Harry in the workout. With Harry waking up so early some mornings he is just a complete monster and actually asks to go back to bed. Friday morning he was fast asleep when Tom turned up so the Personal Training session was changed, before we started any exercise though it was time for another weigh in and my measurements! After last time I had prepared myself and tried not to expect too much on the scales – but if im honest I was disappointed to find that I have only lost a few pounds since starting 5 weeks ago. Tom then took my measurements – my arms and legs have pretty much stayed the same – but I have lost 7 Cm from my ‘mummy tummy’ and also 5 cm from my hips and bum! Afterwards we did a mixture of back and arm excercise using the TRX again and also some boxing. I found it really hard and said to Tom a few times “I can’t do it!!” to which he replied “yes you can…it’s got to be hard…i’m not just going to turn up and make it easy on you!” he’s right if it was easy then I’m either not doing it right or he isn’t doing his job properly! One thing that Tom said to me in one of my first PT sessions which always sticks in my mind was “if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!!”  this is so true!

This weekend my OH has been away again on a school trip. Friday night Harry had a really bad nights sleep – he’s been suffering with Croup which gets worse at night. My poor boy needed lots of extra cuddles and soothing throughout the night as he gasped for air whilst coughing. Evidently I had very little sleep so the plan for Bootcamp again on Saturday morning went out of the window. With croup one of the best things to help treat it is fresh air. So that morning we headed out to Attingham Park for an easy walk and a play with my friend and her daughter (who Harry loves!). That afternoon I started to feel like I was getting a sore throat – once Harry was in bed I had my tea and decided to watch a film and then have an early night as I was starting to feel a bit achy and had a blinding headache.


I woke on Sunday completely full of a stinking cold!? All sinus’ blocked and glands swollen! I felt really sorry for myself – especially at 6:30 am when Harry woke up! I needed to get my mum a birthday present from Town so i decided to walk in as it was a beautiful morning. We headed to Starbucks for a cup of tea and Harry enjoyed some Fruit Toast, afterwards and on his reins he walked for a while – chasing the pigeons and taking in all his surroundings. I stocked up with some cold and flu supplies and we headed home via the park so he could have his “weeeeeeeeee” fix of the day! He slept for ages that afternoon so I got all my housework done and even managed to have a good 30 mins watching TV with a cup of tea. I had decided that I might go for a run that afternoon (my sister was free to babysit) – but as the day went on I started to feel worse and worse so gave it a miss. My cold had really taken hold and I am now a complete and utter snotball!!


On Friday night I did feel a bit down about the weight loss. I text Tom for a bit of a rant – he replied straight away and was really encouraging – it was great to be able to vent and for him to reply with realistic answers. “remember this is not a race, it’s about sustainable change” was the end of his reply – and yes he is right. I’m not in any rush! If you had said to me 5 weeks ago – “you have one wish – to change 1 area of your body where would it be?” I would have chosen my tummy!  I have my wish – what it says on the scales is irrelevant. Feeling much more positive now than on Friday night im starting Week 6 (half way!!)  very focused – albeit a bit snotty!