RUN Nottingham - New 10k event launched

RUN Nottingham – New 10k event launched

With the increasing popularity of Parkrun and weekend runners of all abilities testing themselves against the clock, we felt the introduction of this 10k running event on the racing calendar will be of great appeal. a mostly flat course on private land with wide paths and roads closed to all traffic and users for the duration of the event makes for a peaceful but possibly pacey run!


Running alongside the 2km long regatta Lake at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham the spectacular views will also ensure you know how far you still have to go when you loop the lake for a second time, plus a quick diversion past the white water rapids will signal that you’re almost home and dry!

The Nottingham 10k is a professionally timed event with experienced organisers at the helm. Runners will experience the relaxed atmosphere of a local run combined with the elements of of a full UK Athletics accredited event. Runners of all abilities will be welcome and the route will be suitable for those making the step to 10k running in Nottingham to those seasoned athletes looking for a great opportunity to post a quick time in the UK rankings.

Entries of the Nottingham 10k are NOW OPEN



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