Shrewsbury's best boot camp by far! It's like Personal Training.

Shrewsbury’s best boot camp by far! It’s like Personal Training.


What is a boot camp?

Will I be able to do boot camp?

I’m not fit enough to do boot camp.

Can I afford Personal Training?

Where can I do Boot Camp and Personal Training in Shrewsbury?


As Personal Trainers in Shrewsbury and operating Shropshire’s finest up and coming outdoor fitness business, head trainers Tom Meehan and Simon Macdonald come across these questions and dilemmas on a daily basis.

There are simple answers to all these questions. Boot Camp with Ultimate Fitness Experience is an exciting varied intensity workout in the great outdoors. Not military based but using the Boot Camp tag line gives an indication that you’ll be using your body as a tool and trying new exercises using some unconventional equipment and techniques. The people of Shrewsbury have taken to the format of Boot Camp fantastically well and are reaping the rewards of regular attendance  regardless of their starting fitness levels.

So Boot Camp really is for everyone. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FIT TO GET FIT!

Personal Training has numerous benefits, but may not be an affordable option for everyone. Boot Camp offers a great  alternative with a competitive price structure and limited group sizes giving a personal feel to group exercise.



“Bootcamp was the last thing I thought I’d ever say I enjoy, I love it (even in the mud, snow and dark!). Tom, Simon and Elaine provide challenging, fun and varied exercise that works. Ive had support, advice and help with nutrition too. I love the fact that its all done outdoors in the fresh air and that the team are always there whatever the weather to inspire us and put us through our paces!! Its a community, fun, challenging, rewarding and addictive! Thank you guys”

(Carrie Hughes)

“Being new to exercise really I was very apprehensive about even talking about Boot Camp! Tom and Simon put my mind at ease and ensured me I would manage regardless of my current fitness level. I was welcomed into the group on a Saturday morning and even enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea in the Salop Leisure cafe with everyone afterwards. I can’t believe it but i’m hooked! being outdoors is the best part! When else is it OK and even expected that you leave covered in mud and feeling exhausted yet exhilarated at the same time. I might even try the Early Bird boot camp soon!”

(Sarah Cooper)


The final word…Boot Camps in Shrewsbury…Do It Outdoors