Shropshire Mud Run Round 1 - Results

Shropshire Mud Run Round 1 – Results

The first race in the 2014 Shropshire Mud Run Series took place at the superb new venue, Hadley Farm near Whitchurch yesterday. Being there to see the sunrise and the sunset meant it was a long day for the team. However,  seeing the smiling faces of competitors in anticipation of what lay ahead and the exhausted faces once the challenge was completed makes it all worthwhile!

As seasoned mud runners, complete newcomers, Wally’s, Pink Tutu wearers, pirates, zombies and everyone in between began to look around the first part of the course, little did they know this was just the tip of the iceberg. There was in fact ice on some of the muddy water splashes during the course inspection which i’m sure had thawed and warmed up a treat by the time runners got there!

As the first in the 2014 series this venue had it all. Cross country horse jumps, the sand bank scramble, mud, bogs, marsh and more water pits than you could count! Our team of cameramen from ‘Absolute Video’ and ‘Biggsphotography’ captured it all so you’ll be able to relive the experience and everyone will be able to see what you really went through to earn that t-shirt and amazing flapjack from Brompton Cookery School!

Despite a small confusion with an early part of the course, we are pleased to tell you that everyone went the wrong way! This is a good thing! Thanks to the quick thinking and hard work of the race directors and marshals we were able to get you back on track after a small repetition of part of the course. This meant that everyone experienced the carefully planned out route with all sorts of natural obstacles and also that the official race results are valid.

Congratulations to:

Holeshot Winner (first to 1st corner) – George Speakman

Male Mud Run Master – Dan Magrath

Female Mud Run Master – Nicola Davies

Team Mud Run Masters – ‘How I met your mudder’



Shropshire Mud Run 2014 Round 1 Results courtesy of triandenter

 2014 Series points standings updated


Official Photos courtesy of biggsphotography


Next event:

Round 2 – Bomere Lake, nr Shrewsbury.

Saturday 26th April.

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A massive thank you to all marshals, medics and officials who make these events possible. Thanks to race sponsors Salop Leisure, Montgomery Spring Water ,  Phil Morris Racing, Tom Dickie and Yamaha UK. Finally thanks for your kind car park donations supporting local cancer charities close to our hearts.

If you would like to become part of the team, sponsor an event or would like to help/volunteer at any events in the series then please contact us.