Shropshire Mud Run Series

Shropshire Mud Run Series

Its Tuesday 5th March and some really exciting things are happening here at Ultimate Fitness Experience. Myself and Tom have just put on our training kit and headed out for a nice, gentle 10km run….. Let me rephrase that: Tom and I have just put on our training kit and headed out for a 10km adventure in the heart of Shropshire!

We start with a jog down a single lane road for less than a km before heading off piste up a track undulating through the wooded area as we continue our ascent. The breathing starts to get heavier as we get into our stride taking in the views of Shropshire! 2km we hit a cross roads, we both head left weaving through the terrain until suddenly… darkness!

We continue to run through a series of caves for half a km until daylight again. We have reached the top. The fell run back across and down is exhilarating. Just as we start to recover we come to the 39 steps of varying sizes and height and some seriously challenging muddy terrain!

Any of you guys fancy a challenge? Just 3km in and Tom and I know we have found a fantastic venue for a Shropshire ‘Mud Run’ Series. We have provisionally mapped a 10km course and are currently working towards revealing a date in the next 2 weeks. So if you think any of the following words are associated with you: Adventure, Fun, Mud running, Tough, Running, Challenge, then this is the event for you.

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