Sweat is My Fat Crying...

Sweat is My Fat Crying…

After my first PT session with Tom on Thursday last week I ached all over! It took until Sunday for me to be able to walk down the stairs without wincing! As they say No Pain No Gain!!

Tom had asked me to complete 4 fitness sessions in 1 week. As I technically started on Monday I completed the homework workout on Monday night, which was a copy of what Tom and I did in the last PT session. I even managed to rope my other half in to do it with me! So once Harry was bathed and in bed and the tea was on the go we started jumping around the living room (that sounds a bit rude?…it wasn’t..honest! ) It was good fun and meant that once I’d finished I was done for the evening and could sit and enjoy my tea and relax in front of the TV. The next day i ached a little but it lasted for only a day – which is good.

On Tuesday I arranged to catch up with some friends to take the kids for a play and a walk at Attingham Park. It was blimmin freezing!!! But was really good fun and Harry loved it, he really loves being outdoors – which he must get from his dad, although I am starting to enjoy it more.0ztML3m7bRqcZlsxB4hQBLHvPnusmI1H8mEXRqS9pFw

That evening I headed to Bootcamp for 18:15 at Salop Leisure, Shrewsbury. I have to be honest with you – before I left and pretty much all the way there; I was trying my hardest to talk myself out of going…trying to think up a valid excuse…at one point I got stuck in traffic and thought ‘oh well, looks like I’m going to be too late…I might as well turn round and go home..’ only for it to clear suddenly! I carried on and actually arrived earlier than everyone else! I sat in my car with the heaters on full blast for as long as I possibly could, then it was time to get out and greet everyone who had turned up for the session. The first 15mins were really tough and I felt like I really struggled, Elaine (the instructor) was really motivating though and I got through it and before I knew it we were on the cool down! I got back to the car rather chuffed that I’d made the effort to come. I made a mental note to remember this feeling before every workout!!

The plan for the next two days was to have a break on the Wednesday night as I was working all day and then do another homework session on the Thursday night. This didn’t happen as after a busy day at work on the Thursday I just got home and was shattered, I put Harry to bed and all I could think about was eating my tea and lying on the sofa…so that’s exactly what I did!

With Friday being a bank holiday it meant that my OH (other half) was off work – as I was on nights that night, he planned to take Harry to see his parents in Wales which meant a baby free afternoon! Hurrah…time to have a bubble bath, put my feet up and drink some tea and eat some choco …. UM..HANG ON!- Thats the OLD me!..it was actually time for my next PT session with Tom!! I laced up my trainers and right on time he turned up! We headed outside as it was a gorgeous sunny day (wind was still freezing mind!). I live near a park that was perfect for a fitness session. We started with a jog to warm up and then headed over to a section of the park that didn’t have any kids playing on it or any dog poo! Tom laid out some markers and I was running and side stepping, squatting and jumping before I even had time to think of an excuse why I wouldn’t be able to do any exercise today! We moved on to some boxing which I’m sure looked really odd if you happened to walk past – I really enjoyed it and felt the muscles working hard across my shoulders and also my stomach muscles – which i thought were none existant after carrying a 10lb 3oz baby! (yes you heard!!…stop crossing your legs and pulling that face…i had a C-Section..happy now!?) After the boxing Tom whipped out a contraption called a TRX – it’s like a strap that fixes around a tree (looks a bit like I’m flying a big kite!) and enables you to use your body weight as a resistance. Tom showed me some different sets to do, working my arms and legs. It took a few goes to get my balance on a few of the sets but Tom was always nearby if I needed to steady myself!


We jogged back to my house and talked about my weekly food diary – Tom seemed happy with my meals but made a suggestion for me to try and have small snacks between meals like mixed nuts or a banana as on some days I was going 6-7 hours with nothing filling the big gap.

I worked nights Friday night (6pm – 8am) and headed home Saturday morning ready for a day in bed! Between nights is generally my weakest time with regards to making the right choices with food – i tend to just grab the easiest thing to eat regardless. As the hot cross buns stared at me – i stayed focused and made myself poached eggs on toast as planned. I headed back to bed and then back to work for my night shift again.

Working a Saturday night….means one thing normally…TAKEAWAY! :( I stayed strong though and really enjoyed my tea that i pre-planned to have. I don’t normally feel the need to snack during the night – but i know that some people that work nights do struggle, if i am a bit peckish i snack on salt and vinegar rice cakes with light philly on! (yum) – sometimes i even have my breakfast at 5:30am just to get me through. I also drink gallons of tea but definatley not enough water – thats something i really need to start doing more next week!!

So all in all I feel really good! My work trousers which are my ultimate weight measurer are feeling less tight and my energy levels are so much better! I also feel like having my exercise and eating sorted I’m able to sort other things in my life! For example I sorted my wardrobe out the other day – completely emptied the lot on my bed and went through it all – putting stuff that I hadn’t worn for ages (that was basically too small) in a bin bag to be put up in the attic. I also felt an urge the other day to clean the kitchen from top to bottom!!? I’ve completed a finance spreadsheet and planned my money and all the future outgoings! Check me out!! I can honestly say the saying ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ is pretty much bang on!!

I’m not really to fussed about filling my face with Easter Eggs this weekend – choc really doesn’t do a lot for me…but crisps…now that’s a different story – if Easter tradition was to eat a huge bag of kettle crisps I think I may struggle this weekend! I’m not saying I won’t ‘help’ Harry with his easter egg – obviously I’m always there to give him a hand if he’s struggling! (Such a caring, thoughtful mother I hear you cry!!!).

Happy Easter to you all!