The final show down….or is it!!

The final show down….or is it!!

I started my week doing something I thought I would never do – and something I had tried to do many times before but failed miserably! I attended early bootcamp in Shrewsbury! Sunday night I made the decision, I got all my workout gear ready in a pile and set my alarm for 5:45am!

I woke to the sound of my phone bleeping and gingerly opened my eyes in disbelief that it was time to get out of bed already! It felt I’d only crawled into it 5 minutes ago. I stepped out of bed and grabbed my workout gear and got ready downstairs – I jumped in the car and bleary eyed drove towards bootcamp. I was completly unsure what the normal early morning etiquette is with regards to breakfast or a cup of tea before a workout – so I opted for a banana and hoped I wouldn’t regret it once I started jumping around! I couldn’t believe how many people were waiting in the car park when I arrived! It seems that this time to workout is really popular! Tom was the instructor for the session – he had set out a obastacle course for the first section which had us all jumping in and out of tyres and lunging walking for some of it, for the second part we did some strength work which included tricep dips on the tractor tyres and squats. During the session I felt really good – at the start I felt like I was in a bit of a daze but then I soon started to feel really energized and awake. Once we had finished it was full steam ahead to get home, get Harry ready for nursery, jump in the shower and get dressed and to work, all in 25 minutes – and I did it! Once I was at work I felt great! Knowing that I was sitting at my desk for the next ten hours after doing my exercise for the day was a really nice feeling. I definitely felt more awake and alert!

As some of you know if you have read my previous posts that I normally spend the day before a night shift with Harry. I like to keep him busy in the morning and make sure I’ve always got something energetic planned for that day. On Tuesday mornings at a community center near my mum and dads house is a class called Diddi Dance. It’s a dance class for toddlers run by a lovely lady called Emma. As it was our first time I was a little unsure what to expect? As the room started filling up with children and the noise level increased Harry became a little frightened and a little clingy. I tried to re-assure him and Emma suggested that I take part in the class so that he feels more comfortable joining in….little did she know I had already planned to take part…you can’t keep me sitting down for long when there’s music playing! It was so much fun! Harry loved it and had a whale of a time! I was so close to crying so many times as he did just the cutest little dancing ever! Also seeing him with the other children and interacting in different activities just made me beam with pride.

Photo 25-06-2013 09 40 53When Harry slept that afternoon (he was one tired little man!) I did a quick 30 minute workout in my sitting room using a plan Tom had written me a while ago. I was still a little sore from bootcamp the day before but I pushed through the squat section and it felt good. That night I headed to work for my first 14 hour night shift.

I did for a moment think I might try to do a cheeky workout on Wednesday between my night shifts, but my need for sleep got the better of me and I ended up snoozing my alarm through my designated exercise time.

Thursday day involved some sleeping after my last night shift and then Harry being dropped off at lunch time from my mum. We spent the afternoon visiting the swings in the rain and chilling on the sofa and watching a Disney film – he was so tired he actually fell asleep watching it – which never happens – it was so lovely watching his little face sleeping, I can’t remember the last time I did it – probably when he was a little baby. It rained all day Thursday – which meant one thing!! MUDDY BOOTCAMP! I do love a good wet muddy outdoor bootcamp session – I don’t understand how people can go to the bootcamp sessions that are held indoors? how boring!? The session was great fun and I loved every minute!

Photo 27-06-2013 14 23 48Photo 27-06-2013 15 32 26Friday was the day of my last PT session with Tom. I was a little sad to be finishing as seeing him on a weekly basis and having him motivate me had become the norm. I was a little frightened about being let loose in the world without his weekly guidance, but also felt confident that I finally knew what I was doing when I did attempt to work out on my own. Tom turned up just as I had put Harry to sleep which was good timing. We did a home work out without any equipment. Back to the basics -but the squat jumps and press ups were killers. Before the workout Tom had done my measurements again they showed I had lost another 3 cms from my mummy tummy which is great news and I feel great!!

I had planned to speak to Tom about booking in further PT sessions every two weeks instead of weekly. This combined with weekly bootcamp and also running and my home workouts would be more than enough to get me on track to feeling even more fitter and stronger than I already do! I’m very excited! I’ve also decided to carry on blogging about my journey! You can’t get rid of me that easy!!

The plan for the next couple of weeks is to start the 5:2 diet again as I really had great results and it seemed to kick-start my metabolism which I think it needs. I’m really loving bootcamp still so trying to attend as many as I can around shifts, Harry and having the car. I also havent ran a lot lately so I need to get out and pound those pavements!!

As someone very powerful once said: “This is not the end…it is not even the beginning of the end…but it is perhaps, the end of the beginning” – Winston Churchill. It’s rather poignant, as I feel I have come along way but I still have a long way to go – one thing is for sure I will never feel the way I used to feel about exercise ever again hence the end of the beginning.