The White Run 2014 - Results and poetry!

The White Run 2014 – Results and poetry!

What an amazing site it was to see so many of you daring to wear white and take on the slippery, muddy course at the 2014 White Run. Thanks to you all for your effort, enthusiasm and entertainment!
Check out the results (apologies for any glaring mistakes as the storm that hit afterwards caused a little bit of damage and confusion to our data collection!) All the main series events will be recorded using a professional timing chip service.
Put more poetically…
Straining at the red taped line the white clad mud runners wait, the field ahead a muddy Agincourt like state.On the siren’s eerie blare unleashed the runners find the field, kilometres of mud to surpass they dare not yield.Pounding hearts and feet slide across the rain sodden turf as proudly across the dark puddles the racers surf. Round the first bend the leader grabs the offered shirt, as on they hurtle through the foul smelling Shropshire dirt.Kilometres click by as sinew tightens and muscle burns as they force themselves up muddy hills and greasy turns. Plunge into the water chest high the icy shock then back into the foot ploughed soil they flock.Finally the last few sticky yards, the hardest yet, come into view and the Mud Run is done as we take our bottles blue.

@poppa_pig 2014