What a load of cramp!

What a load of cramp!

An interesting article grabbed my attention in ‘Outdoor Fitness Magazine’ recently tackling the common issue of cramp during exercise and offering an insight into the world of triathletes and how they train to overcome such problems.

Matt Hart, Torq Fitness Consultant writes that the most common cause of cramp is actually ‘unaccustomed exercise’ more so than any other single cause.

In the case of a triathlete suffering from cramp during races despite never experiencing the symptoms during training, Hart states that despite obviously training for these events, racing puts forces through muscles that they simply will not experience in training scenarios, coupled with the addition of fear, motivation and competitiveness of an event, your muscles will be under all sorts of stress!

Solutions include attempting some races prior to main events and at the very least simulating high intensities during training, with cramp almost becoming a benchmark indicator of a good training effect!

Other common causes of cramp also include dehydration/low electrolyte levels or low muscle temperatures.