Why Personal Training and Boot Camp in Shropshire will get you fit, fast...

Why Personal Training and Boot Camp in Shropshire will get you fit, fast…

Tom Meehan and Simon Macdonald set up ‘Ultimate Fitness Experience’ with the desire to offer just that. Using 20 years of collective experience in the health, fitness and sports industry to develop unique and exciting fitness experiences suitable for everyone.

With the growing trend for using the great outdoors as nature’s gym. Boot Camps, activity days and outdoor exercise sessions are popping up all over Shropshire. Shrewsbury is the base for Personal Training services in Bannatyne’s Gym/Health Club, in the comfort of people’s homes and at the permanent outdoor Boot Camp site at Salop Leisure. Following recognition for efforts in the community in 2012 with the Shropshire Energize awards, Ultimate Fitness Experience is going from strength to strength and offering more opportunities to get fit in Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

Early morning Boot Camps, Late morning Boot Camps after the school run, evening sessions to forget a long day at work and the Ultimate way to start your weekend with Saturday and Sunday Boot Camps and running club.

So…why will Boot Camp and Personal Training in Shrewsbury get you fit, fast?

Boot Camps have proven to work for a number of reasons.


  • Socially they are a fantastic way of meeting like minded people. Enjoying exercising together works as a great motivator and helps to keep you coming back for more fun and fitness week after week.
  • Variety of exercise is taken care of. Unlike gym routines or just jogging, every session will be challenging, fun and progressive ensuring that your mind and body is stimulated and you get fitter, faster!
  • Designed and delivered by qualified and experienced fitness professionals guarantees you’ll receive quality fitness instruction and advice.
  • Boot camps in Shrewsbury are affordable, flexible and fun, you won’t be shouted at, just encouraged and pushed to be the best you can be.
Personal Training in Shrewsbury is the next step to a new you.
  • Experienced instruction and dedicated attention to detail ensures each session is focused on your goals.
  • Personal Training sessions at Bannatyne’s health club, in your own home or outdoors at Salop Leisure gives you flexibility and variety to your training.
  • Affordable packages to suit you and ensure every workout is effective