Without Struggle…there is no Progress.

Without Struggle…there is no Progress.

Week 12……

Wow week 12 – it’s all gone so quick! Because I missed  a few PT sessions due to holiday and also Tom’s availability im going to carry on to week 14! (so you have to put up with my blog for another 2 weeks im afraid!)

The week started with me still feeling a bit jaded from the amazing Hen do I had been on that weekend. I felt like my body actually hated me for abusing it so much! (sorry body :( ) I was working a night shift Monday night which was tough!!

I slept till lunchtime on Tuesday and then my mum bought Harry back home, we spent the afternoon playing cars and watching a Disney film. That night I promised myself that I would go to boot camp is I hadn’t been for ages and I really missed it. It was a proper struggle to get in the car and not make another excuse not to go. Once I was there I enjoyed every minute. My boot camp buddies are so friendly and we love a good old chin wag whilst squatting with sandbags! I felt so energised afterwards and slept really well that night!

I woke on Wednesday at 6:30am to Harry shouting “Mummy” from his bed. Bleary eyed and also really aching I got up and started my day. Sat with my cup of tea watching Postman Pat, I had a lightbulb moment and remembered that on Wednesday mornings there is a playgroup session at my local community hall from 9:00 till 11:00! I headed over just after 9 and saw a couple of familiar faces in the room which always helps. Harry had a great time and ran around playing with his new friends. I think we will definitely be going back!  By late afternoon I was feeling really tired but I had to get ready for work as I was standing in for someone for the night. Early hours of the morning my body was aching all over and I felt terrible?

I headed home to bed when I finished hoping that I would wake up feeling better, but I didn’t. Tom was meant to be coming round that afternoon for my PT session but I couldn’t face it and had to text him to cancel. I felt so guilty. I spent thursday in a haze and just felt terrible all day – I went back to bed.

I woke on friday and felt so much better! For some reason Harry woke at 5am?? After a busy day once Harry was in bed that night and the tea was in the oven I sat down and couldn’t think of anything worse than lacing up my trainers and going for a run in the rain. I literally had no beans whatsoever? And then Harry decided he wasn’t going to go to sleep……finally at 9 o’clock he was flat-out and I was just exhausted. I headed to bed myself as I had work the next day.

Photo 14-06-2013 07 52 55

Working days at the weekend is a bit rubbish. The only days I get to spend with my family are those two precious days each week, and when im sat at my desk at work and the sun is shining it makes me a little bit sad :(  . There are so many positives to working shifts too though so it’s not all bad.

Photo 16-06-2013 11 00 54 (1)

Looking back at my week I am really gutted that it has been so rubbish. I think since I’ve got back from holiday I just can’t seem to get my mindset back into it?  What I really need is a good old kick up the bum!! I’ve spent way too much time this week sitting on my bum thinking about how guilty I feel for not doing enough exercise or eating the right foods.  I have also been really de-motivated to do anything? I desperately need to sort stuff out around the house and feel like it’s all getting on top of me.Photo 16-06-2013 11 37 37

Realization has hit and I have started to plan Week 13 with a vengeance! It makes me happy to see that I can attend two bootcamp sessions next week! I’m kick starting with a good long run Sunday night – it’s all planned….no excuses it’s going to happen!!

When I meet with Tom next week we are going to set some plans so I can focus on something to work hard for. I will also post another photo of me later for the results tab!

I found this today on Pinterest – its funny because I have noticed the changes in how I look for weeks now, but over the last week I have had lots of lovely compliments from people asking if I’ve lost weight and also telling me that I look good – which is so lovely to hear! This poster is so true!

Photo 16-06-2013 11 38 49

Just want to say – Happy Fathers Day to my amazing OH! Harry is so lucky to have such a fun and loving daddy x x

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